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About Us

About Us

Kan Building and Construction Enterprise and Kan Ghana Limited together is a leading organization in the field of research, trading, general export, landscaping, building and road construction, renovation works and biogas construction in Ghana and Ivory Coast. The organization consists of astute multidisciplinary top class professionals with several years of professional experience in managing top class projects in the field of research, consultancy, construction and professional landscape services. 

The organization was licensed by the government of Ghana to commence operation in March 2015. Areas of Operation and interest are listed below;

a. Biogas Construction (Hi – Tech)

b. Building construction, renovation and rehabilitation works
c. Professional Landscaping Services

We produce, supply and Export commodities such as shea butter, maize, cashew nut, soya beans, peanut butter. We produce and export the finest quality of Baobab oil, Neem oil, Moringa oil, Shea oil and Coconut oil. We also trade in local woven basket for export. We have a 5 acre warehouse earmarked to be constructed to boost our storage and trading capacities and a new 200 acre farm looking for funding to develop. Our Shea butter is recognized internationally and has certification.

We have a research team consisting of two (2) renowned PhD holders and three (3) Mphil degree holders who have several years of experience in research with several publications between them. Previous researches have focused on socio economic development, local governance, community development, sexual reproductive health, public health and climate change. We also provide consultancy services for recruitments, employee outsourcing, employee performance appraisal services, data collection, data entry services, employee in-service trainings and event management services.

At KAN we cherish long lasting relationships and utmost customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in the total satisfaction of clients. Every client and project is different and as such we customize our works to meet the most critical needs of all our client. We use updated, current and user friendly designs, tools and approaches to make sure that the underlying needs of our clients are met. We have a larger pool of experts and technically experienced professionals who assist us on daily basis to make sure that projects are handled such that there is always great value for money.

Some of our clients are International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC, Switzerland), the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint, University for Development Studies, Rescue Aid Mission, Agam Consult, Jam Company Ltd, Family Search International (USA), My Life Fair Organisation, Mentors International (USA & Ghana), OPG Cleaning Services, Chipla Ghana Limited, Ryan Consult and Estavros-Trading (UK)

1.1 Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the leading industry player in the field of construction, agro commodities trading, research, project management and recruitment consultancy globally by 2028.

1.2 Our Mission

Our Mission is to strengthen and build longer lasting relationships with all our clients while achieving their expectations by providing them with extraordinary timely professional solutions to their needs and ensuring that they are most importantly satisfied with our works.

1.3 Core Values

1.3.1 Integrity And Ethical Values

Integrity is paramount if we are going to achieve our vision. At KAN, we strictly adhere to ethical standards and always ensure that we are fair to ourselves, employees, partners and clients. We follow agreed terms and conditions of all our engagements and present results, solutions and findings as they are. We do not falsify data or result or use substandard methods or approaches for our work to maximize profit. We believe in longer lasting stronger relationships built on integrity and trust. Integrity is the foundation of all our actions at KAN. It is very not uncommon to find the statement “At KAN We Don’t Cheat” embodied on our office walls. 

1.3.2 Professional Excellence & Delivery

KAN uses the most updated scientific methods and approaches to provide sustainable solutions to meet the needs of our clients. The organization has very competent, experienced and technical professionals at her disposal to ensure that all projects are handled in the most expected professional and competent way. We customize and tailor our solutions and approaches to meet the needs of our clients. We also have other casual staff or expertise who come in when their services are needed making our pool of resource very expansive. Delivery is more important to us than the value of contracts. If we can build a longer lasting relationship with you, it will be influenced by the mode and method of delivery. We seek to use simple professional methods to achieve extraordinary results.

1.3.3 Innovation

At KAN, we always look out for updated tools and techniques to execute our works. We are always updated with literature, methodologies, findings, latest equipment and etc for all our projects. Being abreast with current trends always positively affect the quality of our delivery and reaffirms our commitment to provide the best tailored services and most professional deliveries for our cherished client so as to win their friendship. At KAN, we are always updated.

1.3.4 Timeliness

All project results are time bound. Results of executed projects are most useful when they are available when needed most. At KAN we pay very serious attention to project timelines. We develop our design, set goals and use appropriate methods in all our executions to make sure that they are timely delivered. Timing is crucial in our operations and all our employees are well trained to respect time. We deliver all our projects on time with the utmost surety that the speed of delivery does not affect the quality of work in any way. We believe that timeliness and quality of work goes hand in hand.

1.3.5 Customer Satisfaction

In our line of operations at KAN, the customer always comes first. Our overall goal is to make sure that the customer is satisfied. We serve with this in mind. Customer satisfaction is both the pull and push factor and the motivation behind our works. When our client is satisfied, we become gratified in the effort and become motivated to even improve. We are here to serve all our clients and most importantly ensure that they are satisfied and there is value for money.