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a. Biogas Construction (Hi – Tech)

b. Building construction, renovation and rehabilitation works
c. Professional Landscaping Services

We produce, supply and Export commodities such as shea butter, maize, cashew nut, soya beans, peanut butter. We produce and export the finest quality of Baobab oil, Neem oil, Moringa oil, Shea oil and Coconut oil. We also trade in local woven basket for export. We have a 5 acre warehouse earmarked to be constructed to boost our storage and trading capacities and a new 200 acre farm looking for funding to develop. Our Shea butter is recognized internationally and has certification.

We have a research team consisting of two (2) renowned PhD holders and three (3) Mphil degree holders who have several years of experience in research with several publications between them. Previous researches have focused on socio economic development, local governance, community development, sexual reproductive health, public health and climate change. We also provide consultancy services for recruitments, employee outsourcing, employee performance appraisal services, data collection, data entry services, employee in-service trainings and event management services.